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Hardscape Design and Certified Installation

When custom designed hardscapes are creatively combined with lush landscaping, a beautiful Outdoor Living Area unfolds. 

Our certified paver Installation team offers both years of experience and the benefit of knowledge that comes with completing certification programs.  Our paver installations include a combination of base material, leveling pad, edge restraints, joint sand, aggregates, and a wide variety of pavers.  The key to a successful project is having knowledge and experience with compaction, drainage, leveling a base course, and optimal grades.

Successful hardscape design and implementation has the ability to define space in a way that creates continuity and establishes a flow between the house and garden. Such architectural additions to your landscape can be created from brick, wood, or from landscape pavers and stone.  We can create your patio and walkway from whichever material that you feel best meets your personal taste, budget, and your landscaping needs. 

One material used for building patios and walkways that is currently very popular is Interlocking Landscape Pavers.  Interlocking Landscaping Pavers provide a durable and beautiful alternative to concrete or asphalt for patios, walkways, and driveways. The use of pavers provides numerous options for size, shape, color and texture.  Also, less cracking (as what often happens with concrete) occurs with the use of pavers because the surface is more flexible and able to withstand loads from traffic, wear, and weather.  If problems underground that require excavation occur, the pavers can simply be removed and later replaced.  Paver patios create beautiful outdoor living spaces and walkways add grandeur and functionality to any landscape. Retaining and Sea Walls stabilize grades, and add structure and form to your landscape.

As a design / build landscape company, our landscape designers integrate hardscapes into their projects for their lasting appeal and timeless beauty. Be sure to ask us about landscape paver products that provide a life time warranty.

  • Patios - Paver, Brick, Stone and Slate
  • Pool Deck resurfacing - Overlay existing concrete decks
  • Walkways - Paver, Brick, Stone and Slate
  • Driveways - Paver or Brick
  • Entranceways and Stoops
  • Fire Pits and Patio Fireplaces
  • Stone Retaining Walls
  • Paver Sea Walls
  • Paver Sitting Walls
  • Outdoor Kitchens and Entertaining Area
  • Custom Hardscapes of Every Size and Description!

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